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EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply Product Exchange and Return Policy
Official policy governing returns and exchanges of purchases made through the EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply Website.

EGAN Medical Return/Exchange Policy


Egan Medical will gladly exchange orthopedic and maternity care items*, compressive undergarments and soft orthopedic goods for a size other than that initially ordered provided the following conditions are met:

1. Customer notifies EGAN MEDICAL by email at within not more than 72 hours of receipt of shipment that size is incorrect and that an exchange is requested.

2. **Customer has NOT WORN the item --- only TRIED IT ON FOR SIZE ONCE, OVER-THE-CLOTHES. Failure to follow steps one and two disqualifies a transaction from receiving a refund or exchange.
3. Customer is responsible for any and all shipping fees associated with the returned item and shipment of its replacement. Depending upon the product and/or customer, EGAN Medical may at its discretion choose to pay shipping fees for replacements for exchanged items, but is under no obligation to do so.

* Excludes Original Prenatal Cradle (ORMT-PNC01)! The Original Prenatal Cradle, EGAN Medical product #ORMT-PNC01 is NOT ELIGIBLE for ANY RETURNS OR EXCHANGES. All sales are final involving this product. If you think you may require an exchange for a different size, please purchase a Best Cradle (Adjustable Prenatal Cradle) instead.

** Given the nature of our various maternity supports and compressive undergarments including but not limited to the V2 Supporter, we kindly ask that customer be mindful that once worn or applied directly over-the-skin, for hygienic reasons we cannot resell the item.

Any and all items returned for refund or exchanged for a different size must pass inspection upon receipt of the return-shipment in order to ensure that item in fact has not been worn or used in any capacity beyond the above-stated acceptable use (trying on once, over-the-clothes).

Our return/exchange policy is designed to mimic the process for trying on clothing one would follow at a department store. We strive to strike a balance between the customer's need to exchange products which do not fit properly with other customers' right to receive a new, clean item which has not been previously worn by someone else.

Please DO NOT RETURN items to EGAN Medical without first notifying us via email ( of customer's desire to return or exchange an item.

Maternity belts/supports, compressive undergarments and soft orthopedic braces, supports and splints returned which do not meet the above-stated criteria WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

Refunds & Returns

As a general rule, all sales completed through the website are considered final at the time of the transaction. Egan Medical does not accept returns unless the item is damaged during shipment, a manufacturer's defect is present upon receipt of shipment or we simply choose to accept a return of a particular item for other reasons not stated herein, which we reserve the right to do at our sole discretion. EGAN Medical is not obligated to accept any return or exchange, or issue any refunds for transactions for which our return/exchange policy/procedure is not explicitly followed, not any transactions involving items for which returns/exchanges are not accepted.

EGAN Medical reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy at the company's sole discretion so as to accommodate some extremely rare, and/or mitigating circumstances. Please contact customer service at (985-635-4875) for more information on these exceptions and whether or not your situation merits one. Thank you.


EGAN Medical asks all customers who are not pleased with their purchase to please let us know, and to please be polite with our customer service representatives when doing so. Our customer service reps work very hard to ensure the satisfaction of each and every EGAN Medical customer and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity during and throughout the course of them performing their job duties.

Our reps are instructed by upper management to discontinue conversations with customers who are rude, condescending, who use vulgar language / expletives, pejoratives, hateful and/or otherwise abusive language or speech during or throughout the duration of the call.

At EGAN Medical, we strive to ensure that each and every single customer is happy with their experience with our company. While this goal is idealistic and perhaps even noble, unfortunately this goal is not always attainable. Customers who for whatever reason are not pleased with their initial experience but are polite in voicing their displeasure are far more likely to be offered a means of resolution that is to the customer's satisfaction than those who are abusive toward our representatives during the process of requesting a refund or store credit.

Those who are polite and respectful and reasonable in making requests will almost always be pleased with the overall customer experience offered by EGAN Medical.