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Walkers are mobility aids designed to help the elderly, people with disabilities, people recovering from injury and those with limited strength or mobility walk and move about with minimal human assistance. Walkers provide a frame onto which the user can grab hold of to help achieve and maintain balance, while also helping to prevent slips and falls.
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Walker Bag
Economy Walker Bag
List Price: $21.05
Our Price: $12.95
Save $8.10!

The Economy Walker Bag from North Coast Medical is a high-quality medical walker accessory available at an economical price.  The bag attaches easily to virtually any walker, and is great for keeping books and personal items close at hand, and can be used for a variety of other storage and transport needs.
5" Walker Wheels
5" Walker Wheels
List Price: $19.96
Our Price: $14.75
Save $5.21!

5" Walker Wheels from Invacare offer a high-quality medical walker accessory at a great value. These 5" walker wheel attachments fit most common walker models from virtually all manufacturers.
Glide Brakes for a Rolling Walker
Medline Walker Glide Brakes - Rolling Walker Accessories
List Price: $29.99
Our Price: $20.95
Save $9.04!

Medline Glide Brakes are accessories for rolling walkers (walkers with front wheels). The glide brakes replace the rear leg extensions, and are easy to install with just the push of a button. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and fit most walkers with 1" diameter tubing.
Walker Tray
Universal Walker Tray
List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $20.95
Save $9.00!

The Invacare Walker Tray is a high-quality walker accessory intended for use with most models of Invacare Walkers.
Invacare Walker Bag (#6015)
Invacare Walker Bag
List Price: $31.25
Our Price: $22.80
Save $8.45!

The Invacare Walker Bag (Walker Pouch #6015) is the perfect way to store and transport valuables and other belongings while using your Invacare Walker. The bag is compatible with ALL Invacare walkers, and can hold up to five pounds of your belongings.
Walker Basket
Invacare Walker Basket
List Price: $34.95
Our Price: $24.50
Save $10.45!

The Walker Basket from ISG is a walker accessory offering a convenient storage space for shopping, traveling and everyday use. This walker basket comes with a 5-pound weight capacity and a 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty.
Invacare Walker Tray #6007
Invacare Walker Tray #6007
Our Price: $24.95

Invacare Walker Tray #6007

The Invacare Walker Tray #6007 has been discontinued. The replacement product can be found here: Universal Walker Tray.

We regret any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.

Court-Side Glides: Tennis Ball Walker Glides
Court-Side Glides (Tennis Ball Walker Glides)
List Price: $31.50
Our Price: $24.96
Save $6.54!

Invacare Court-Side Glides tennis ball walker glides (rear-leg extensions) offer consumers a unique glide tip for medical rolling walkers that is long-lasting, extremely durable, safe and easy-to-install. These unique tennis ball glides replace the rear leg attachments and any existing glide tips, and fit most Invacare and other walkers with either 3" or 5" fixed front wheels.
Medline Walker
Medline Folding Walker
List Price: $63.00
Our Price: $37.50
Save $25.50!

The Medline Deluxe Folding Walker is a standard lightweight two-button folding walker. A walker is a device used by disabled and elderly people for the purpose of providing additional support and balance while walking or moving about.
Invacare Folding Walker #6240a
Invacare Dual Blue-Release Folding Walker
List Price: $59.95
Our Price: $38.95
Save $21.00!

Sturdy, lightweight, economical and easy-to-use, the Invacare Dual Blue-Release Folding Walker has become the standard bearer for walkers and ambulatory aides.
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