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Donate to Safe Harbor, MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) or Pregnancy Test Vitamin D3 Supplement: 1,000 IU
One-Step Pregnancy Test
Our Price: $5.70
Egan Medical Charitable Donations: Donate Money to your choice of three different charities including: MDA (the Muscular Dystrophy Association), Safe Harbor (helps women and children who are victims of abuse and human trafficking), and/or (a non-profit, 100% privately-funded charitable organization that builds Free Websites for Churches). The First Signal One-Step Pregnancy Test from Inverness Medical delivers easy-to-read results that are over 99% accurate with just a single step. No need to wait around wondering if you might be pregnant with this single-step pregnancy test that can answer your question in less than a minute. Vitamin D3 Supplements manufactured by Douglas Laboratories and provided by Egan Medical contain 1,000 IU of natural Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) per tablet, and 100 tablets per bottle. Vitamin D3 may help prevent and/or reverse Vitamin D Deficiency, which has been scientifically shown to play a factor in one's likelihood of developing several dozen diseases and other medical conditions.
Anti-Embolism Stockings Long Reach Comfort Wipe (Toilet Aid)
Long Reach Comfort Wipe (Toilet Wipe)
List Price: $19.95
Our Price: $13.50
Save $6.45!
Invacare Tub Spout
List Price: $50.00
Our Price: $14.25
Anti-Embolism Stockings by Jobst are used to support the venous and lymphatic drainage of the leg. Like gradient compression stockings, anti-embolism stockings deliver a distributed amount of compression at the ankle and up the leg. This compression aids in circulating blood and lymph fluid through the legs in non-ambulatory patients. The Long Reach Comfort Wipe is the answered prayer of personal hygiene for those with limited dexterity and/or reaching ability.  This ergonomically-designed comfort wipe extends one's reach, allowing for easier access to the posterior region. The Invacare Tub Spout is a versatile chrome plated design that features a convenient  hand-shower connector.The polished chrome plated finish maintains a clean shiny appearance. The Tub Spout comes fully assembled for easy installation, and replaces the existing spout.
Vitamin D3 - 5,000 IU Blood Glucose Monitor Mini Cradle Maternity Belt
Vitamin D3 - 5,000 IU (100 Capsules)
List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $17.49
Save $12.46!
TRUEbalance Blood Glucose Monitoring System
List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $18.30
Save $11.65!
5,000 IU Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) supplements from Egan Wellness Clinic are made to the highest standards of quality. Vitamin D3 offers a variety of health benefits including a strengthened immune system, reduced inflammation, healthy bones and healthy skin.

In addition, vitamin D3 supplements have also been shown to help prevent and/or reverse vitamin D deficiency, which can lead to dozens of serious and potentially fatal diseases and illnesses.
The TRUEbalance Blood Glucose Monitoring System is a coding-free system that drastically reduces the Blood Glucose Monitorcomplexity involved with diabetic testing. This simple and easy-to-use diabetic blood glucose monitoring system includes TRUEbalance blood glucose meter, 3V battery (pre-installed in meter), 10 TRUEbalance test strips, lancing device, 10 lancets, TRUEcontrol Control Solution, Log Book, Carrying Case and Instructions. The Mini Cradle Maternity Belt is specially designed to provide back and abdominal support during pregnancy. It fits discreetly underneath most maternity clothing outfits, and is specially designed to be worn with a variety of maternity fashions. All-in-all, the Mini Cradle is arguably the most economic orthotic support for pregnant mothers-to-be who suffer from pendulous abdomens, back pain, abdominal straining, painful hip separation, pubic symphysis, lordosis and sciatica.
Liquid Vitamin D-3 Maternity Belt Optimal Sleep Formula: Natural, OTC Sleep Aid that Actually Works
Liquid Vitamin D-3 - 10,000 IU
List Price: $24.95
Our Price: $23.30
Save $1.65!
Maternity Belt
List Price: $34.50
Our Price: $23.70
Optimal Sleep Formula
List Price: $39.95
Our Price: $29.95
Save $10.00!
Vitamin D 10,000 IU may be a useful dietary supplement for those individuals wishing to support bone health or whose requirements for vitamin D cannot be met by lower potency products. The Curad maternity belt provides relief for back and abdominal discomfort during pregnancy, fits most sizes during various stages of pregnancy, provides maximum comfort for all day wear and is latex free. The Optimal Sleep Formula natural sleep aid from EGAN Medical is a 100% original formulation created by Pamela Egan (see credentials above), one of the world's premiere experts in clinical nutrition. In Optimal Sleep Formula, N.P. Egan brings together eight different naturally-occurring herbs, amino acids, vitamins, neurotransmitters along with the hormone melatonin and valerian root (ten total substances/compounds) to form what we believe to be the single best, most effective, totally natural over-the-counter sleep aid available on the market today.
Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Cane Seat by Drive Medical Prenatal Cradle
Prenatal Cradle (Maternity Support)
List Price: $58.00
Our Price: $36.95
Save $21.05!
Pulse oximeters are noninvasive medical devices that monitor the pulse (heart rate) and the degree of oxygen saturation in the blood of the person using the device. Fingertip Pulse Oximeter by Medsource is compact, consistent and cost-effective. The Drive Medical 2-in-1 folding Cane Seat (also known as a Cane Sling/Seat) from Egan Medical is a unique, dual-purpose mobility device that offers the walking aid provided by a cane, combined with the versatility and convenience of a comfortable seat for use anytime, anywhere. The patented Prenatal Cradle is the ultimate maternity support (aka: pregnancy support, maternity belt), offering full support for the torso, abdomen and back to women throughout the course of their pregnancy. The Prenatal Cradle helps to ease backaches, provide a lift for tired tummy (abdominal) muscles, reduces swelling of the feet and ankles, comforts the hips and pelvic bones, and provides support during exercise and/or other physical activities.
Raised Toilet Seat with Armrests V2 Supporter DIM Enhanced (Diindolylmethane Supplement)
V2 Supporter (for Vulvar Varicosities)
List Price: $69.00
Our Price: $39.90
Save $29.10!
DIM Enhanced
Our Price: $41.70
The 2-in-1 Locking Elevated Toilet Seat with Removable Armrests from Drive Medical combines the safety and reduced risk of injury associated with a Toilet Safety Frame with the comfort, durability and ease-of-use of a locking raised/elevated toilet seat like other models available at Egan Medical Equipment.

The V2 Supporter by Prenatal Cradle provides targeted compression therapy where you need it most for the treatment of vulvar varicosities (vaginal varicose veins), lymphedema, perineal edema, incontinence and external prolapsed bladder or uterus.

DIM Enhanced is a microencapsulated form of diindolylmethane, with added curcumin, green tea, and wasabia designed to support healthy hormone balance and immune health. DIM® Enhanced may be a useful dietary supplement for individuals wishing to support healthy estrogen detoxification, hormone balance and immune support.
Best Cradle: The Ultimate Pregnancy Support (by Prenatal Cradle) Hip Brace Plus V2 Supporter Bath Stool (shower chair) with Rotating Seat
Hip Brace Plus V2 Supporter
List Price: $69.95
Our Price: $47.95
Save $22.00!
Bath Stool (with Rotating Seat)
List Price: $83.07
Our Price: $48.90
Save $34.17!
The "Best Cradle" by the makers of Prenatal Cradle is the ultimate pregnancy support. This fully adjustable maternity undergarment is made in the USA, and helps relieve back, abdominal, pelvic, foot and ankle pain without restricting range-of-motion. The Best Cradle is easy to apply, comfortable and offers a smooth feel across the skin. The Hip Brace + V2 likewise combines all of the features of both the Hip Brace and the V2 Supporter into a single undergarment, helping save money for women requiring both a Hip Brace (aka: "hip stabilizer" and "trochanter belt") and a vulvar varicosities support garment by providing all the features of both products into a single compressive support undergarment. The Drive Bath Stool (shower chair) with Rotating Seat from Egan Medical Equipment is an innovative new product that is revolutionizing the world of bath safety. Unlike traditional shower chairs, this bath stool rotates a full 360° in either direction, making entry and exit to-and-from the bathtub easier and safer than ever before!
Breast Pump Quality Prenatal Vitamins Prenatal Cradle Plus V2 Maternity Support
The Simply Go Single Electric Breast Pump by EvenFlow (available at EGAN Medical) is a convenient way to support breastfeeding your baby. Moms can pump at home or on the go! The sleek design and consistent suction feels good to moms and provides a comfortable pumping session. The Prenatal Pack is a comprehensive prenatal vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplement designed specifically for prenatal use (use by pregnant women during maternity and lactation). The prenatal pack is loaded with vitamins, minerals, calcium and DHA. Calcium is essential for normal bone and skeletal development. The unique nutritional needs of pregnancy and lactation can require additional calcium supplementation to ensure proper bone health and growth. The omega-3 fatty acid DHA is essential for brain and visual development and is vital throughout pregnancy to support fetal brain
growth and formation of the retina and visual cortex.
The Prenatal Cradle Plus V2 Maternity Support provides full support for the tummy, abdomen and back without placing any additional strain on the shoulders. It all the benefits of both the V2 Supporter and the original Prenatal Cradle maternity support. The P.C. Plus maternity support is also indicated for Vulvar Varicosities, providing targeted compression therapy to the vulva and surrounding area.
StepLite Easy Stider Ankle Walker (Walking Boot) Essential Nutrition Pack - Multivitamin, Mineral and Nutritional Supplement 3-Wheel Rollator
StepLite Easy Strider Ankle Walker Boot
List Price: $85.90
Our Price: $72.30
Save $13.60!
Essential Nutrition Pack - Multivitamin, Mineral and Nutrition Supplement
List Price: $112.00
Our Price: $91.65
Save $20.35!
3-Wheel Rollator
List Price: $179.99
Our Price: $99.95
The StepLite Easy Strider Ankle Walker Boot is indicated for acute and severe ankle sprains and strains, lower extremity soft tissue injuries, stress fractures of the foot or ankle, stable fractures of the foot or ankle, post Achilles tendon repairs and after cast removal. The Essential Nutrition Pack from Egan Wellness Clinic is as complete a multivitamin, mineral and nutrition supplement as exists on the market today. The supplement combines everything you need for optimized nutrition in one pack. Included in the pack is a multivitamin/mineral blend, antioxidant blend, probiotic blend and fruit/vegetable extracts. The primary purpose of the Tri-Wheeled Rollator from Medline is to be able to maneuver more easily in hallways, around corners and in tight spaces. Its three-wheeled design allows for smoother turns around corners, making it much easier to maneuver in tight spaces than its four-wheeled counterpart.
Green Rollator (Rolling Walker) Pink Rollator Duet 2-in-1 Transport Chair and Rollator
Lumex Walkabout Lite 4-Wheel Rollator - Teal Green
List Price: $169.00
Our Price: $116.00
Save $53.00!
Pink Rollator - Breast Cancer Awareness
List Price: $209.00
Our Price: $119.00
Save $90.00!
The Lumex Walkabout Lite Four-Wheel Rollator (a rollator or rollator walker is essentially a decked out rolling walker with the full suite of features including four large wheels - in this case 6" - hand brakes, which are sometimes referred to as "loop brakes", a backrest and padded seat, which flips up to reveal a basket underneath for convenient storage of personal items) utilizes high-tech aluminum to reduce its weight to only 14.5 lbs while increasing the maximum weight capacity to 300 lbs.

The Rollator is a lightweight rolling walker with locking brakes, a backrest, padded seat that flips up to reveal a basket under the seat to store personal belongings. Teal Green color is elegant and stylish. FREE SHIPPING!
The special Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Rollator from Medline Industries offers users all the benefits of a standard rollator walker, but comes in a lovely pink color to help support breast cancer awareness. Includes padded seat, backrest, brakes & more. The Drive Medical "Duet" 2-in-1 Transport Chair + Rollator from Egan Medical is a dual-purpose device that can easily be transformed from a transport wheelchair (aka: "transport chair") to a rollator (rolling walker with four wheels, brakes, a seat and backrest), and vice versa.
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