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Incontinence Supplies

Incontinence supplies constitute a broad category of products related to both urinary and bowel incontinence in both male and female patients. Incontinence products include such items as adult diapers (adult briefs), incontinence bed pads & underpads, Sitz baths, bedpans, cleansing agents, bedside commodes and both male and female portable urinals.

It is our goal at Egan Medical Equipment and Supply to offer an extensive selection of incontinence products that can be purchased discreetly from the privacy of one's own home, avoiding the embarrassment associated with shopping for such items in person. Additionally, we strive to offer our customers not only the best selection of adult incontinence products, but to do so at some of the most competitive prices around.

If you cannot find the item(s) you're looking for here on our website, feel free to give us a call at 985-635-4875 and let us know what it is you're looking for. If it's something we have in stock or can obtain, we'll be happy to list it on our website just for you.
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Transfer Tub Bench with Commode
Padded Transfer Tub Bench with Commode
List Price: $125.00
Our Price: $119.00
Save $6.00!

The Invacare Padded Transfer Tub Bench with Commode is perfect for those with limited mobility and incontinence issues. It offers a comfortable padded vinyl seat for bathing and transferring, an arm rail for added support, and a commode all-in-one.
Long Reach Comfort Wipe (Toilet Aid)
Long Reach Comfort Wipe (Toilet Wipe)
List Price: $19.95
Our Price: $13.50
Save $6.45!

The Long Reach Comfort Wipe is the answered prayer of personal hygiene for those with limited dexterity and/or reaching ability.  This ergonomically-designed comfort wipe extends one's reach, allowing for easier access to the posterior region.
Male Urinal
Portable Male Urinal (1 Qt)
List Price: $11.95
Our Price: $7.50
Save $4.45!

Portable 32 ounce male urinal device used by the male patient for urine collection for urinalysis as well as for convenient and discreet personal use.
Female Urinal
Portable Female Urinal (1 Qt)
List Price: $11.95
Our Price: $7.50
Save $4.45!

Portable plastic female urinal makes for easy and convenient urine collection for urinalysis. The device can double as a substitute for a bed pan, and can also be utilized to meet personal urination needs.
Sani-Bag Commode Liners
Sani-Bag+ Commode Liners (10-Pack)
List Price: $50.00
Our Price: $33.15
Save $16.85!

Sani-Bag+ commode liners go on top of the commode pail before use, allowing for simple removal and disposal of the bag with no need for cleaning the pail afterward. These disposable liners can also be used with bedpans in addition to bedside commodes.
3-in-1 Bedside Commode
Medline 3-in-1 Bedside Commode
Our Price: $57.90

A 3-1 commode is a multi-purpose device that serves as a bedside commode and can also double as a toilet-safety frame. The Deluxe 3-in-1 Steel Commode from Medline features a durable, plastic seat with lid, and plastic armrests for additional patient safety and comfort.
Clean Butt Bidet Spa
Clean Butt Bidet Spa (7500R)
List Price: $890.00
Our Price: $745.00
Save $145.00!

The Clean Butt CB-7500R is a bidet that can be attached easily to an existing toilet. It is an essential product for the elderly, disabled, or weak by virtue of the fact that it allows them to use the restroom and/or cleanse themselves in private and without assistance.
Incontinence Bed Pads
Waterproof Reusable Bed Pad - 24 x 34
List Price: $15.99
Our Price: $11.95
Save $4.04!

Waterproof Reusable Bed Pads from Invacare are a comfortable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable bed pads. With an absorbency of 800cc, these machine washable incontinence bed pads help save money and the environment.
Sitz Bath
Sitz Bath
List Price: $13.25
Our Price: $9.95
Save $3.30!

Sitz Baths are used to relieve irritation, pain and other minor discomfort in the genital and posterior regions of the body. They are indicated to help provide relief from hemorrhoids, inflammation, irritation or infection of the anal and genital regions.
Adult Diapers
Nightingale® Extra Adult Briefs
Our Price: $8.85

NIGHTINGALE® extra adult briefs (adult diapers) are designed for patients with moderate to heavy incontinent episodes. They are available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.
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